Dr Altman will explain there are new choices for chemicals and processes that can allow leather manufacturers to be more responsible for the upstream and downstream consequences of leather production. He will also outline how activated silk can be used to reduce or even eliminate fossil-fuel derived polyurethane from leather finishing as well as other applications.

Want to find out how biotechnology can help leather move forward into a more sustainable future? Don’t miss this ILM webinar, free-to-attend online on September 29.

Who should watch this webinar?

This webinar is aimed at anyone connected with the global leather supply chain, especially leather manufacturers and brands, retailers and OEMs. It is particularly relevant for anyone interested in building a sustainable future for leather making and looking to alternative technologies that can improve leather for the environment as well as the consumer.

How can I register to attend?

The webinar will be broadcast on Wednesday, September 29 at 3pm CET (2pm BST), and will last approximately 45 minutes.

Click here to register (registrations subject to approval).