This year, ILM received a record number of respondents to the 2016 survey who have painted a picture of the current market climate which for many remains challenging. The full set of results, which were collected in July, have been published in the latest September-October 2016, market leading edition of International Leather Maker in print and digitally via the ILM App.

In the survey we asked tanners what investments they are likely to make in the future, their main concerns and their current level of optimism.

According to the survey results just 12% expressed that were very optimistic looking ahead with a further 35% saying they were quite optimistic about future business. 28% of those surveyed said they expect the market to remain steady while 9.5% and 15% respectively were not optimistic or were concerned about the overall business climate going forward.

As well as the survey results mentioned above the latest 124-page edition of ILM includes many other new and regular articles and technical features from leading industry commentators and guest writers. For the modern international tanner ILM is the most authoritative read in the world and helps keep businesses informed about the latest market trends and technology. A copy of ILM featuring the full results with analysis and a comparison with the 2015 survey results has been sent to all ILM subscribers.

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