The 2020 survey carried out by ILM has revealed that 55% of respondent tanners believe that the coronavirus crisis will have had a significant negative impact on their businesses, while 25% said that it will have a severe negative impact. These figures represent a significant majority of industry players who are expecting a stark fallout from the pandemic. The majority of respondents appear to be more or less equally split between feeling confident that the leather industry will return to growth post-Covid-19 (46%) and those who do not feel very confident (42%). However, positions at both extremes of this are relatively small, with just 4% feeling not confident at all regarding any growth recovery, while 8% feel very confident

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The ILM Tanner Business Confidence survey is now in its seventh year and is the only truly global and neutral annual survey of the tanning sector. ILM is most grateful to those tanners who responded and a copy of the survey results will be sent to those that took part via the September/October print/digital edition of ILM magazine. The 2020 survey received a record number of tanner responses.