The latest issue, available now via the ILM app, has exclusive an interview with Marie-Claire Daveu, Chief Sustainability Officer and Head of Institutional Affairs for Kering Group, focussing on the Group’s new Biodiversity Strategy and how the luxury sector must take a lead on sustainability.

ILM Editor, Isabella Griffiths also interviews Marcelo Marder, CEO, Simona Tanning based in China on its commitment to reducing waste in leather making as well as Francisco Rios from Mexican tanner, LeFarc, about its recent investments in the latest technologies that helps them to make a lower impact on the environment. LeFarc is also leading the charge on e-commerce.

The third leading tanner interview is with Andy Pleatman from southern China based tannery, Asiatan. The company has adopted an ethical business philosophy where leadership is a shared responsibility among all of its employees. Asiatan has also embraced new innovations such as JBS Couros’s Kind Leather which reduces the environmental footprint of leather making and cuts down on waste.  

ILM Consultant Technical Editor Karl Flowers, meanwhile, examines key topics vegan material labelling, UNECE devised traceability standards, the EU vehicle end-of-life directive and provides an overview of the important use of enzymes or bates in the beamhouse.

Other editorial highlights include:

  • The results of the ILM 2020 Tanner Business Confidence Survey and impact that Covid-19 has had on the industry this year.
  • A summary of Germany based chemical supplier, Trumpler’s interesting research into the renewable carbon content of genuine leather compared with other competing synthetics. 

In addition to these premium editorial features, the September/October 2020 edition also includes regular items such as news review, the Redwood Column, raw materials prices and trends, industry viewpoints and more. The ‘Talking Point’ feature asks industry experts about the need for legislation around genuine leather labelling following the introduction of such legislation in Italy earlier this year.

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