A record equalling number of tanners responded to the 2017 survey conducted in July, which focussed on current business opinions among tanners for the first six months of this year. The results were directly comparable with the same survey ILM published a year ago, and provides a unique snapshot of how tanners are feeling about the current market conditions. The survey now in its fourth year is the only regular industry survey of its type covering all tanners.

ILM asked tanners 19 questions which could be completed in less than 10 minutes relating to the current business climate, future investments, key markets, trade fairs and major concerns or threats when doing business in a global marketplace. The results were analysed by ILM and are presented as a direct comparison with the same results from 2016 to see how opinions have shifted in the past 12 months.

Investment in new technologies and the environment

In terms of new investments over the next twelve months, almost 66% of tanners surveyed said that they would be investing in new plant and machinery at their tanneries and 60% will be upgrading equipment to improve the environmental aspects of leather making. Investments in the environment was up from 48%, according the 2016 survey, and reflects the generally positive mood in the industry to improve its environmental performance and image. Almost 40% of tanners surveyed said that they would investing more in new chemical processing technology over the next 12 months.

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