In his presentation, “Biotechnology & leather – How the industry is transforming itself”, Costello will tackle the topic of renewable carbon in the chemical industry and give examples of biotechnology in leather chemicals, outlining three sources of renewable carbon for chemical usage. Furthermore, he will explain how probiotics are used in the leather making process and how metabolites can replace synthetic surfactants and bactericides in the beamhouse, as well as delving into renewable raw materials for coatings. Costello will conclude by demonstrating how de-carbonisation is gathering momentum and how significant research is going into other renewable carbon sources for chemicals, giving an outlook of what the future of fully decarbonised leathermaking can look like.

Mike Costello

About Michael Costello
Michael Costello has been Stahl’s Director of Sustainability since October 2015. In his position, he plays a vital role in integrating sustainability into Stahl’s corporate strategy. He works closely with all departments within Stahl to ensure sustainable innovations and other related initiatives are on the daily agenda of his colleagues. Furthermore, as Stahl’s Director of Sustainability, Costello participates in conferences around the world focussed on reducing the environmental footprint of the industry and other corporate social responsibility topics. He presents the Company’s case to customers, brands, industry associations, NGO’s and universities and is a member of the Executive Committee of the Leather Working Group (LWG).

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