“The Hüni Group and Tannery of the Future are keen on combining their efforts to make the international leather supply chain more sustainable, socially-responsible and clean,”says Hüni. In the tanning business since 1728, today, the multinational company produces patented advanced technology drums and tools for process control and process automation. Wooden drum production was started in 1988 followed in 2003 with the production of PPH drums.

“It is of vital importance to our cause that big industry players such as The Hüni Group start to help spread our message. The Tannery of the Future is very grateful for Hüni’s willingness to act as beneficiary and ambassador of our checklist”, said Antoinette Gast, Co-initiator and Chairman of the ‘Tannery of the Future’ foundation.

Launched in 2016, the ‘Tannery of the Future’ was developed and released by the Dutch CSR Netherlands foundation, Egbert Dikkers from Smit & zoon, independent leather expert Hans Both and Antoinette Gast from fair-trade leather importer FairForward. It works as a prelude to full certifications such as from the Leather Working Group. Tanners, retailers, brands and traders can use the tool to discover how leather production can improve on sustainability, on the basis of clear questions on 14 different aspects of Corporate Social Responsibility. The full self-assessment is available on the website  tanneryofthefuture.org.