The show is co-organised by the India Council for Leather Exports (CLE) and the India Trade Promotion Organisation (ITPO). Speaking on behalf of the ITPO, General Manager, Dalel Singh told ILM that the show had recieved around 15% more visitors on the first day compared with 2013. He said that just under 5000 local visitors had registered and attended and 208 from 43 countries on the first day.

The show was very busy on the first two days despite it being a weekend and underlines India’s continued growth in the leather sector. Total leather exports for the year 2012-13 were US4.9 billion up 2.53% compared with the previous year. Finished leather exports rose from US1.02 billion to US$1.09 billion over the same period. The CLE also announced during the fair that they had initiated a study of the rapidly growing domestic market to try and work out its size and future growth potential.

In the past five years the Indian leather sector exports have grown 8.5% and today the industry employs 2.5 million people. The European Union is still the main destination of Indian leather and leather products commanding a share of 58.8% of the total. Around 34% od all exports are leather footwear.

At this years IILF there was an increase in the exhibitor participation of local and international chemical and machinery companies from both the leather and footwear industries. The number of tanners exhibiting was down on previous years. One Indian tanner said that this was because of “the acute shortage of raw materials and the high prices that Indian tanners were facing”.

The Indian rupee has devlaued some 20% against the US$ and other currencies in recent weeks which has made leather exports more competitive but imports of hides, skins, chemicals and equipment more costly for domestic producers.