The digital App features a number of extra functional facilities such as scrollable text, picture carousels and video content. For all Android users the ILM App is now free to download and access.

To access and install the App please make the following steps:

  1. Search for Google Play in Google.
  2. When in Google Play click on the button Apps
  3. Type in the words “International Leather maker”
  4. You should then be invited to install the App on to your Android device
  5. Once installed open the App and access the September edition of International Leather Maker
  6. Scroll, pinch and swipe to move the pages or use the scroll bar at the bottom of the page

All pages on the contents page are linked to the stories and all website and email addresses are hyperlinked so that the reader can access more information. ILM is the first media organization in the leather industry to offer a fully functional digital edition of the magazine via an App.

The App version ILM for Apple devices is coming soon. Keep checking this website for details. Come and see for yourself and be part of the digital revolution that’s sweeping the leather industry.

For any enquires please email: