“ILM is a digital media revolution for the leather industry. We believe that the modern tanner wants to access content on a range of devices such as tablets, smartphones as well as online and print”, says Maria Wallace, Commercial Director and Co-Founder of ILM.

As well as the media information outlets outlined above ILM will also build on social media such as LinkedIn and Twitter to provide a constant engagement with the whole leather supply chain throughout the world.

The first print edition has been published in time for the ACLE launch as well as the first fully functional digital edition in the tanning industry. The digital App downloadable edition of ILM features interactive links to websites and email addresses within the text as well as range of user friendly functionality such as video content, scrolling text and picture carousels.

“ILM is the first of its kind in our industry and we are really pleased with the high level of interest in our concept from people we have spoken to in the industry. Important and influential tanners such as ECCO Leather, PrimeAsia and Südleder have supported us in our ACLE launch edition as we believe they also see a benefit in a multi-platform media offer like ILM”, says Martin Ricker, Content Director.

ILM will feature regular guest columns and blog from senior figures in the industry as well as a regular column from leading industry commentator and consultant, Mike Redwood. ILM have also enlisted their own mystery industry insider and columnist, “The Toggler”.

To find out more visit: www.internationalleathermaker.com and become part of the revolution.