With a strong editorial focus on the environment and true sustainability, the latest edition of International Leather Maker looks at the hot topic of biodegradable leather with some of the challenges ahead that tanners, with the support of chemical companies and technical institutions, will need to tackle to make leather truly part of a circular system.

In addition, ILM publishes an overview of some of the widely marketed competing materials against genuine leather and wonders if they are really sustainable at all, or are they a mix of natural and manmade materials falsely claiming to have eco credentials when the reality is less certain.

 Other editorial features include:

  • A review of the “Tannery 2030” conference which took place in Shanghai looking at future developments in the tannery and leather supply chain. What will the Tannery in 2030 be like?
  • A profile of Chinese automotive leather makers Zhejiang Fubang Automotive.
  • EU due diligence standards for tanneries – health & safety in the workplace.
  • Science & innovation: leather mass balance improvements.
  • Sustainability, ethics and artificial intelligence.
  • Leather Naturally aims to target millennials and generation-z consumers.
  • Review of the 11th AICLST congress in Xi’an, China and the 20th edition of ACLE.

These special features are in addition to all the usual market commentary, raw materials information, news and industry analysis which goes into making ILM the leading global industry media for original, high-quality content across a range of print, online, social and digital media platforms.

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