Titled “A better future for leather”, the podcast features two audio articles written by Martin Ricker, Content Director, ILM and Isabella Griffiths, Editor, ILM, which examine how the leather industry can pave a path to a prosperous future by tackling both key environmental issues as well as education about leather to younger generations. In “Tanners should seek a renewable carbon path”, Martin Ricker discusses the benefits of hides and skins as a source of renewable carbon over fossil-fuel derived alternatives and presents an argument why the leather and tanning industry needs to move towards using more renewable carbon sources in order to meet its ecological targets and responsibility.

Meanwhile, in “Appreciation for leather must be nurtured in childhood – or it may be too late”, Isabella Griffiths shares why she believes leather education must be part of the school curriculum to connect children from a young age with the material, or the leather sector stands to lose them as future consumers altogether.
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