In this 57-minute episode, Sena and Pleatman outline and discuss the environmental benefits and efficiency gains of JBS Couros’ Kind Leather concept as well as latest developments and commercial uptake within the wider leather industry just over two years on from its launch.

The engaging conversation also covers the importance of life cycle assessments and the results of JBS’ recent LCA, which assesses the impact of Kind Leather. Furthermore, Sena and Pleatman discuss Kind Leather’s scoring on the Higg MSI (Materials Sustainability Index) by the Sustainable Apparel Coalition, while Sena also reveals the latest efforts by JBS Couros around traceability programs and blockchain to tackle links to deforestation in the Amazon biome. Sena highlights how leathers’ score can be greatly improved on the Higg MSI when proper science is applied and data collected to support an accurate LCA.

Andy Pleatman, a lifelong tanner, explains the savings his company has been able to make in cutting material waste, chemicals, water and effluent treatment costs since Asiatan adopted the Kind Leather concept and how it has had a positive impact for the business even during the pandemic. “Why would you buy waste”, he remarks during the frank and open podcast discussion.

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