The episode, titled “Livestock, leather and why the industry needs to find its voice”, covers three topics: “Leather and livestock improve biodiversity and poverty”, “A unique material that needs to keep re-defining itself” and “We must be honest, but never silent”, first published on the ILM website. The articles are narrated by ILM Editor Isabella Griffiths.

The first article covers the ever-changing definitions of sustainability and how the leather industry can keep up and move forward with the conversation in order to facilitate responsible, regenerative farming while keeping in sight the dependence many have on livestock for food and income.

The second article discusses the ways in which the leather industry can start redefining itself in order to stay relevant in the face of the accelerated shifts to synthetics, including everything from automation to innovation.

The third article concerns the value of honesty and transparency about the sustainability of leather by tanners, as well as providing cautious optimism for the future of the industry.

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