The episode “Media, communication and the status quo of sustainability in the leather industry” features two narrated articles: “Leather’s difficult relationship with the media” and “When it comes to sustainability, the leather sector has some cracks”, first published on the ILM website. The articles were written by ILM Editor Isabella Griffiths and Gert van der Bijl, Policy Influencer at Solidaridad.

The first article explores the leather industry’s relationship with the mainstream media, and more recently social media, which has historically been a strained one. Weighing up the industry’s shortcomings around media presence against the persistent misinformation and misrepresentation of leather by media and lobby groups, the article investigates the role of NGOs, the links to deforestation and the importance of continued dialogue and discourse.

The second article offers exclusive insight by Gert van der Bijl, Policy Influencer at global civil society organisation Solidaridad, into where the global leather sector stands with regards to sustainability. Unpacking its complex supply chain, van der Bijl lays bare what he believes are the cracks in the industry and offers his view on the steps required to repair this so that leather can be regarded as the sustainable material it has the potential to be.

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