Three topics are covered in the new episode titled “ESG, Higg Index and digital transformation in the spotlight”; ‘Making a start with the Higg Index’, ‘ESG Hits the Spotlight’, and ‘Your future is in the ether’, all written by Dr Mike Redwood, and taken from “The Redwood Column”, published on the ILM website. In ‘Making a start with the Higg Index’, Redwood discusses how alternate materials, most of which are made from fossil fuels, would be labelled plastics, rather than synthetics, if they were built into any structural form rather than a sheet material. In ‘ESG Hits the Spotlight’, Redwood analyses how the companies Boohoo and Rio Tinto can recover from the outcomes of hitting global headlines for management failures relating to Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG). Finally, in the third episode, ‘Your future in the ether’, he discusses digital changes in society, its impact on consumers and the entire leather industrial network.

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