Three topics are covered in the new episode titled “Promoting the experiential values of leather to the modern consumer”; ‘The language of leather’, ‘Bright & Dressy Consumers’, and ‘The future smells good’, all written by Dr Mike Redwood, and taken from “The Redwood Column” published on the ILM website. 

In ‘The language of leather’, Redwood analyses the terms used in the leather sector and how the vocabulary used externally about the material is steeped in history and introversion. He says that, while a few remaining skilled buyers may still like to converse in industry jargon, the language we use outside the tannery needs to change completely. In ‘Bright and dressy: consumers post Covid-19′, Redwood outlines how amid all the talk about the consumer becoming more environmentally cautious, travelling less and buying less, the leather industry will have to quickly focus on what the consumer will actually want to purchase and to wear. Finally, in the third episode, ‘The future smells good’, he discusses how the heightened relevance of talking directly to the consumer has become obvious as a result of the pandemic. 

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