The latest podcast, “The importance of people and education”, features three audio articles written by Dr Mike Redwood, taken from the Redwood Comment on the ILM website.

The first, “Education is not preparation for life – it is life”, reflects on Tara Westover’s memoir ‘Educated’. Redwood explores the impulse to find “the right answer” for problems with neither right nor wrong answers, the pressure young people face to make life-altering career decisions, and what he thinks should be a societal shift towards lifelong learning.

The second article, “Celebrate our people”, examines dealing with the workforce and the skills it requires, as well as the power of appreciating the skills of others and networking.

The third and final article, “Post pandemic, it is youth we will depend on”, uncovers the youthful demographic of new hires in companies worldwide, the necessary reactive response from society to uplift the youth in order to ensure a positive future, and how leather must play a part.

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