This edition of the Tanner Business Confidence Survey examines not only the general trading climate of the industry, but also the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and what this means for the global sector.

The survey results show that the leather industry continues to follow standards and expectations we all understand, but also some surprising turns post-Covid, as businesses review their standing in the market and prepare to take their next steps.

Elsewhere in the issue, Martin Ricker talks to Vitelco Leather Managing Director Twan de Bie about the company’s new 100% fully traceable calfskin leather system, designed to give customers peace of mind when it comes to issues such as animal welfare, deforestation, land use and environmental protections.

Meanwhile, we catch up with Dr Wolfgang Schütt, the new CEO of the TFL Group. Following a year that has rocked the company and the leather industry at large, Dr Schütt talks about his deep respect for leather and how he oversaw the acquisition of the Organic Leather Chemicals business unit of Lanxess.

Don’t miss our article on the world’s lowest carbon automotive leather, where Martin speaks with Dr Warren Bowden, Innovation and Sustainability Direction at the Scottish Leather Group, to discover how the company has managed this impressive feat.

With P7 of the Leather Working Group’s (LWG) audit protocol mandatory from August 22, we take the time this issue to find out from the source what this means for the industry as well as the LWG’s stance on traceability, chemical management and social compliance going forward.

And that’s not all, don’t miss out on:

  • Mike Redwood discusses how we are entering a new era for leather in the face of attacks by animal rights groups and unthinking environmentalists.
  • In this issue’s Talking Point, we find out from prominent tanners how the global Covid-19 pandemic has altered the way leather is made and marketed.
  • Karl Flowers takes a close look at what “greenwashing” really means and why it is such a danger to the leather industry.

In addition to these premium editorial features, the September/October 2021 edition also includes regular items such as the latest industry and product news, raw materials prices and trends, and much more.

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