In his presentation, ‘Improving the raw material quality of Entrefino bred sheep and lambskins’, Rios will give an overview of the Entrefino value chain, which provides high-quality skins with unmatchable characteristics once transformed into leather and which are highly in demand in the marketplace. He will also explain the current risks due to the increase of skin defects that are mainly caused at farm and slaughter level and how the EU funded SELAMBQ project aims to unify all Entrefino value chain stakeholders, address the problems and improve the quality of the skins.

Manuel Rios

About Manuel Rios Navarro
Manuel Rios joined Inpelsa in 1982 as Commercial Manager and became CEO in 1990. He was appointed Chairman in 2017. He has a Law degree from the University of Valencia, Spain, and Economics from Boston University in the U.S.. He is a member of the board of various financial institutions and industrial companies. Working closely with the Spanish Tanners’ Association (Acexpiel) and Spanish Chamber of Commerce, Rios is committed to expanding Inpelsa’s business and networks worldwide in the most efficient and sustainable way.

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