Microsoft and Apple are extreme examples of success in business, yet everyday people around the world come up with new ideas, which they feel, will be a success.

During the past few months I decided to take the plunge and start a new venture with a new business partner. If you are reading this article then you are seeing some of the results for yourself.

It has been my belief that the tanning industry is both traditional and modern. What some may call “a late adopter” when it comes to trying out new ideas and technology preferring to let others forge the path and make the mistakes.

Leather making is a traditional business in the way it has taken a natural material and has turned it into a beautiful object such as a shoe, bag or jacket in a similar ways for centuries. Yet, at the same time, leather is a desired technical material for the interior of a luxury car with all the high-tech specifications that come with it. These days automotive tanners that supply OEMs would hardly seem to fit the label of traditional.

On the other hand, a high quality French calfskin tanner makes and sells its products on the back of being traditional and bespoke.

But I, and others I have spoken within the tanning industry, believe that when it comes to media information gathering this sector falls behind what is being offered in other industrial sectors. Put quite simply what’s been on offer “is static” to use a quote i heard recently.

Today, the young and older generations are getting their information via social media, online or downloaded to their smartphones or tablet devices. Sales of tablets such as iPads and similar Android or Microsoft Windows 8 based products are expected soar in the future as people expect greater interactivity, functionality and information from a range of media. Information on-the-go, as and when you like it.

But, we must not completely forget that not everyone likes to access digital media. Sometimes, as with French box calf leather, traditional print media is preferred over online. At ILM we aim to offer multi-platform media and we hope you’ll be able to save time in accessing media information by visiting fewer sources.

Ladies and gentlemen the digital revolution has arrived in the leather industry but don’t worry; if you want a magazine you can still have one from us.

Martin Ricker