Martin Heise

Martin Heise passed away on December 9 after a long battle against cancer. In a long professional career spanning 35 years where he worked for tanneries and more recently leather chemical producers, Trumpler and finally with Smit & zoon as a Global Product Manager. He was a popular figure both in his native Germany as well as the global tanning industry. He was a kind and courteous person and was always fun to be around. 

Speaking on behalf of the VGCT Board, Dr Dietrich Tegtmeyer of TFL said the following: “On December 9 our colleague, friend and buddy Martin passed away after a long illness. We got to know and appreciate him as someone who was an inspiring, convincing ambassador for leather as well as a highly professional advisor for many of us. We will all miss him very much.”

In 1994 he joined the VGCT and since 2014 he was a board member. In 2016 he was appointed Chairman. For his dedication to the leather industry, he was honoured with the 2021 VGCT annual award for lifetime achievement. This was awarded by the VGCT to express their appreciation for his constant commitment to leather, the needs of the tanning industry and the people who work in it. The training of apprentices and prospective technicians was a particular interest for him.

Martin Heise was a strong advocate for leather and the leather industry and regularly posted or shared positive stories on social media. 

ILM sends their condolences to Martin’s family, friends and industry colleagues. He will be greatly missed.