In the half-year meeting of INESCOP’s Governing Board held on July 22, these new board members took up their positions as well as those that had been re-elected.

The 4 new board members are:

  • Alejandro Ribelles Kipp, from Adhesivos Insoco. (Alicante)
  • Luis M. de la Morena Azaña, from Calzados Luisetti (Huecas, Toledo)
  • Sebastián Blanco Bonete, from Calzados Magnanni (Almansa)
  • Juan Miguel Gisbert Menor, from Calzados Mendivil (Villena)

Additionally, Antonio Porta, from UNISA EUROPA, who was already a member in the Governing Board, was elected to replace Juan Perán, who gave up the position of Vice-president after 10 years of office.

Furthermore, two new scientific board members were appointed:

  • Francisco Más Verdú, Department of Economics, Polytechnic University of Valencia.
  • Timoteo de la Fuente García, DG Enterprise and Industry. European Commission (Brussels)

Finally, José Mª Amat, from Calzados MAGRIT, who had been INESCOP’s President since 2002, was re-elected for a further term.