Since the beginning of 2017, Infiniti has sold a total of 104,512 vehicles globally, up +37% and representing an all-time record according to the manufacturer. In the month of May, the brand sold 19,565 vehicles worldwide, a 9% increase year-on-year and representing the best May sales month for Infinity in the Americas, UK and in Taiwan.

In China, the brand says it had the best calendar year-to-date sales, with 17,206 vehicles sold, +15% compared with last year. Sales momentum is said to remain strong in Asia and Oceania, with Taiwan setting an all-time sales record year-to-date with 1,019 vehicles sold (+113%). In Australia, 346 vehicles were sold, a +44% increase and a sales record, while in Europe, Infiniti has sold 8,805 vehicles since January 2017, and 2,779 vehicles in the Middle East.