The days have passed when just base chemicals were used for beamhouse processing. Today, raw hides and skins originating from different parts of the world may lead to great variations in the quality of the wet-blue or wet-white. In addition to this, local environmental legislation and commercial aspects require made-to-measure solutions.

Zschimmer & Schwarz are known globally for being one of the most innovative leather auxiliaries producers with the highest quality and excellent service. In addition to the wet-end products they are now supplying specialities for beamhouse applications. The new Activol range complements the known base chemicals in order to archive the required outcome.

  • Activol MO, a soaking agent which shortens the soaking time and reduces the use of surfactants
  • Activol AS, a liming auxiliary to remove non- and low structured proteins which supports the penetration of liming products
  • Activol AW, a liming auxiliary to avoid excessive swelling and improved cleanliness and relaxation of the grain
  • Activol DAN, for an even deliming without acid swelling
  • Activol ZN, an ammonium salt free deliming agent which is biodegradable
  • Activol AC, a “complex” builder to avoid lime-blast

Zschimmer & Schwarz set a benchmark not only for their products with a low environmental impact but also in safe product handling and this included in their Activol range. All interested tanners are invited to get first-hand information from the stand.

Hall 2, stand 2-08-C