Magnopal IPR combines a pronounced filling effect with softening and some retanning features, which are evenly distributed over the structure of the hide or skin. It can help to simplify wet-end application recipes by reducing the amount and number of traditional softening, retanning and filling agents required.

Leathers produced with this polymeric retanning agent feature good heat-resistance, lightfastness and very good hydrolysis properties. No negative effects on physical properties have been observed.

Magnopal IPR can be used to produce a wide range of leathers based on wet-blue or wet-white; from soft articles, such as garment, upholstery and automotive leathers, to firmer types such as shoe upper and leather goods. Milled nappa shows a more uniform break; leathers are soft and light with reduced specific area weight. They show a level dyeing with minimal shade weakening.

It is free of formaldehyde and does not contain chemical substances, which are restricted by any major chemical regulation.