Working closely with existing and new customers, Elitron has acquired first-hand market knowledge which has given the company insight into the diverse production requirements. Elitron is thus facilitated to develop new, innovative technologies and production systems to satisfy customers, old and new.

Time to market is of utmost importance, and Elitron’s cutting systems and automation solutions facilitate just that, whilst continuing to guarantee the highest quality standards and maximising the material yield.

NEW Booster

The NEW Booster cutting system, launched at Simac, is now more compact, requires less headroom, and benefits from soundproofing, which makes it eco-friendly and a real pleasure to work with. It’s Industry 4.0 ready and easily interfaced, with a new invertor which means that all materials, including the most critical, are firmly held in place during cutting – the highest quality cut ever is now possible. New, powerful, direct video projectors further enhance the high precision of this new system.

Elitron NesCut

The most advanced and innovative NesCUT software identifies printed logos and patterns and nests the digital shapes accordingly, to guarantee perfect centring and alignment time after time. Assisted material collection, using the Video Projection feature speeds up the collection process by clearly identifying the cut pieces to guide the operator for fast and effective removal.

Elitron ReCut

The newest, smart, Elitron ReCUT software is ideal to work draft cuts. Easy to operate, it centres the shapes inside the draft cuts perfectly, starts cutting automatically and immediately the final cut pieces are ready for collection.

It’s possible to nest manually using the Video Projection system, or automatically to speed up pre-cutting preparation. Choose from Elitron’s innovative automatic nesting software OPERA, both for roll materials or leather hides, with the best possible yield calculated automatically before your eyes.

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