Focussing on the main inspirations for the winter 2018 season, the upcoming edition of Inspiramais will host over 800 innovative new developments in leathers, components, fabrics, synthetics, heels, ornaments and trimmings aimed at the clothing, footwear, handbag and accessories industries. A special area will be dedicated to the display of material novelties, and talks on textile and footwear innovation and technology will take place during the event.

This edition of Inspiramais will also feature a preview of summer 2019, with the projects named ‘Leather Preview’, ‘Brazilian References’ and ‘+Prints’.

Inspiramais is organised by the Brazilian Association of Companies of Components for Leather, Footwear, and Manufactured Goods (Assintecal), By Brasil Components and Chemicals, the Center for the Brazilian Tanning Industries (CICB), and Brazilian Leather.

Next event: July 3-4, 2017, at the Pro Magno Events Center, São Paulo, Brazil.