Under the terms of agreement, Scabrenta’s senior leaders Angelo and Filippo Gerolimetto have invested into ISA TanTec, while other shareholders sold a majority stake of Scabrenta to ISA TanTec.

ISA TanTec says Scabrenta, using its proprietary technology and deep knowledge of Italian leather making, will be an important R&D hub for various kinds of leather solutions within the Group. Through this agreement, ISA aims at delivering Italian-developed leather to the Asian market, hence, broadening the range and quality of solutions for its customers

“We are convinced that the investment into Scabrenta is another milestone in continuing to develop ISA TanTec into a global player in the tanning industry, now also covering Italy, the hub of fashion and leather making.” said Uwe Hutzler, CEO, ISA TanTec.

Founded in 1941 and based near Vicenza, Italy, Scabrenta has focussed its operations on the production of cow hides, from raw material to finished leather; ranging from full grain, corrected grain, nubuck, aniline and embossed. The Veneto region tannery has developed specialised leather solutions for leading international consumer brands over the years in footwear and leather goods in particular.

ISA TanTec, the eco-friendly leather manufacturer, known for its LITE (Low Impact To the Environment) trademark, is owned by its founder, Management and Navis Capital Partners, one of the largest Private Equity Firms in Asia.