Paolo Gurisatti will provide a ten-minute webinar presentation titled: “Transparency is leverage for new business”. He says that tannery waste should be addressed as part of any future circular economy product and materials system. New processes (led by bio-chemical technologies) are now available and can limit waste and increase the efficiency of waste water treatment processes. In order to attract further investment in this emerging stage of the leather production value chain, transparency is a now a precondition. New products, by-products and recycled raw materials need to be certified as “non-waste” in the circular economy system. This perspective requires new methods for continuous checking of de-composition processes. Examples are bio-plastics, bio-stimulants and bio-gas.

About Paolo Gurisatti

An industrial economist, entrepreneur and local development agent, Paolo Gurisatti has been teaching at various Italian universities and collaborates with research institutions from different countries. Paolo has been the designer and the first President of Habitech (a technology district for energy and the environment in Rovereto, Italy), founded by the Green Building Council of Italy. Today, he is the President of the Italian Leather Research Institute (SSIP) in Naples.

Free-to-attend webinar

Hosted by ILM, the webinar is free to attend. The ‘Total transparency when dealing with tannery waste’ webinar is sponsored Smit & zoon. Further information on the full programme and presenters is available here.