According to data supplied by the Confindustria Moda Research Centre for the Italian Footwear Manufacturers Association (Assocalzaturifici), exports rose +3.7% in value in the first eight months of 2018 to €2.89 billion, but total shipments declined -3.1% in volume to 143.6 million pairs. “While exports to EU countries, where 7 out of 10 shoes we produce are shipped, were up +2.7% in value, non-EU sales increased +4.7% in value and +3.6% in volume thanks to demand from China, which increased by over 20% both in volume and value”, said Annarita Pilotti, President, Assocalzaturifici.

Sales to the EU grew in value but decreased -6% in volume in the period. Germany was the main destination (+2.4% in value) for Italian footwear, but exports fell in volume to France (-8.7%), Spain (-9.8%) and the Netherlands (-13.9%). Exports to the UK were down -1.1% in volume but up + 5.8% in value. 

Outside the EU, exports increased +15% to Switzerland, +3.6% to Asia overall; up +20% to China and +11% to South Korea, but down -7% to Hong Kong and -3.9% to Japan. Exports to the U.S. and Canada increased +4.5% and +23.4% in volume, respectively, but contracted -11.3% to Russia, and -7.6% to the Middle East.

In the home market, consumption is reported to have remained stable (-0.8% in quantity and -0.9% in value), with the exception of sneakers, whose sales grew +3.6% in volume and +1.5% in value.

Source: Fashion Network