The fair co-organisers, UNIC report that overall turnover in 2013 for Italian businesses that exhibited at Lineapelle had improved. “Leather goods leathers now represent 80% of our turnover. Leathers aimed at handbags etc have better margins and rewards, the volume allows you to make a difference”, says Simona Cecere, from the commercial department of Carisma Tannery from Solofra.

Many tanneries that are specialists in producing upper leathers are switching production to be accredited as qualified suppliers for leather goods. An example is the tannery Basmar, a division of the Rino Mastrotto Group, which in six months has been completely adapted to the new requirements because, says the President of the group, Rino Mastrotto, “Footwear is no longer able to sustain the current price of raw hides and skins.”

Tanners based in Tuscany are reported to have experienced similar situations.

More than 20,000 people attended the Lineapelle fair that took place at the Bologna Fiera, October 8-10.

Exhibitor surface area increased by 20% compared with last year to accommodate 1155 exhibitors.

Prices of raw materials derived from a reduction in slaughter in Europe and the USA is an ongoing problem for tanners say fair organisers, UNIC.

Source: La Conceria