Giuseppe Conte, Italy’s Prime Minister, said the restriction measures would be relaxed from May 4, with people being allowed to visit relatives in small numbers, parks and factories to reopen, but schools are not to resume until September. However, people will be able to move around their own regions, but not between different regions. Conte said that social distancing measures would need to continue for months to come. “If we do not respect the precautions, the curve will go up, the deaths will increase, and we will have irreversible damage to our economy”, he said.

Enrico Rossi, President of the Tuscany region, said that as far as the industry is concerned, the focus would be on reopening export-oriented companies, particularly those whose 50% of production is aimed at exports. This would concern about 2,000 companies in Tuscany, including from the machinery, leather and leather goods sectors. Around 3,000 companies based in the region are said to export at least 25% of their production, which together employ an estimated 90,000 workers directly and another 25,000 indirectly, making up for a third of the regional GDP.

Meanwhile, Veneto based international tanning Group, Gruppo Mastrotto, announced it resumed production operations on April 28. Read more here.

Sources: BBC/Siena News