Due to the lack of industry-tailored software solutions, scarcity of capital, and reluctance of industry players to modernize their complex supply chain relations, an inadequate technological set-up has emerged over the last couple of years, where many leather traders have opted to use a combination of disconnected social-media and computing tools such as LinkedIn, WhatsApp and Excel to solve their everyday challenges.

These stopgap solutions have persisted for too long since nothing better was available of on the market until very recently. However, the current industry setup is neither efficient, nor sustainable, and finally a much-awaited integrated cloud-based solution has emerged.

Social media apps were designed to be relational, not transactional. While LinkedIn will connect you with ease to industry recruiters from across the globe, supply job listings and business connections, and let you give and receive endorsements and testimonials from the like-minded professionals, it was not designed as transactional procurement software for hide and leather professionals. WhatsApp allows you to easily communicate with anyone across the world without any charges or disruptions from advertisements, but it cannot automatically alert you to sales pipeline issues, guide you through legal documentation negotiations, or notify you of any fulfilment discrepancies.

As useful as Excel is, sharing spreadsheets can be fraught with problems when it comes to coordinating and allowing multiple users to input and amend data, and overwrite formulas. Sharing spreadsheets between users and organisations can lead to uncertainty over which document represents the ‘master copy’, since frequently multiple copies exist on various computers and incorrect or outdated copies are being sent across departments or in some cases, to customers. This ‘version confusion’ is not only inconvenient, but can also lead to financial losses and create serious audit issues.

Over the last year, HIDEXE.com has developed a cloud-based transactional software that allows hide, skins, leather and by-products traders to bridge the aforementioned technology gap in an efficient and highly affordable manner. HIDEXE’s Software-As-A-Service (H-SaaS) offers a solution to the most commonly encountered issues with the above applications and removes the risk of incorrect information flows.

This new solution allows hide and leather industry participants to efficiently on-board the new platform without involving any programming knowledge or significant capital investments. HIDEXE was designed by leather professionals for the exclusive benefit of leather professionals, where the entire procurement transaction cycle can be completed in one place, securely, from marketing to fulfilment, and from raw hides to finished leather.

HIDEXE is organizing free tutorials to demonstrate the benefits of this new cloud-based solution that will not only improve the procurement efficiency of the entire industry, but also introduce a new capable solution that will allow full and instant traceability. HIDEXE is currently offering a risk free trial for all B2B leather professionals, including meat processors, tanneries and agents.

*This article is an advertorial provided by Hidexe