His appointment as Chairman comes as the outgoing Chairman, Dr Christine Anscombe, has decided to step back from the role.

Osgood said of the appointment: “I am proud to now have the opportunity to work with the IULTCS and I will do my best to help the society to improve its ability to serve the industry.”

After studying studied Leather Technology at the British School of Leather Technology in Northampton in the 1980s, Osgood has worked in the industry across the world. Currently, he is a consultant for ATC Tannery Chemicals.

As Chairman, Osgood will be expected to:

  • Establish and maintain a network of global contacts within the leather industry that have a legitimate interest in and an authoritative platform to express opinions on issues affecting the industry
  • Establish and maintain external media contacts for events or issues that may require an industry response
  • Pro-actively establish and maintain agreed “positions” on possible issues that may arise within or relating to the leather industry
  • Provide liaison services with the international leather media on activities and events that occur within the IULTCS
  • Improve the utilisation of the IULTCS website, LinkedIn and Facebook accounts.