Scheduled to take place on November 24-57, 2015 at Feevale University in Novo Hamburgo-RS, the event is getting ready to live up to its tradition as one of the most fruitful moments for the industry in terms of discussions on sustainability, efficient production, design and new developments.

The State of Rio Grande do Sul is where Brazil holds its greatest number of tanneries, chemical and components industries, favouring the production of leather, footwear and other manufactured goods. The town of Novo Hamburgo itself hosts one of the most relevant footwear and leather clusters in the country.

Alexandre Finkler, the Congress’ Social Commission Coordinator, explains the city hosting the event is a great touristic attraction itself. Located close to Porto Alegre, the capital of Rio Grande do Sul, it has many museums, bars and restaurants. The region, known as “Serra Gaúcha”, is a popular tourist destination because of its climate and unique culture.

“Besides talking about leather, technology and business, visitors will be able to get a taste of Rio Grande do Sul’s typical cuisine, its famous barbecue tradition as well as costumes brought by German immigrants who colonized the city and influenced local food”, says Finkler.

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