The closing date for registrations is September 5, 2022, and attendees can find more details and registration information on the event website.

The event will take place from September 18-20, with the scientific content on the 19th and 20th. The scientific program is as follows:


September 19


  • Synthesis, characterization, and functionalization of renewable vegetable oil modified with maleic anhydride – Bresolin B.M. (SSIP)
  • Influence of tanning technologies on leather shrinkage – Schröpfer M. (FILK Freiberg Institute)
  • Bisphenols, a threat for the leather industry? Strategy for a successful reduction of bisphenols in leather – Ammenn J. (Stahl)
  • Oxidative reductive liming – Vantin L. (Chimica Vemar)


  • Invited guest speech – Ivan Kral (UNIDO)
  • Environmental sustainability developments of the leather industry – Scholz W. (W2O Environment)
  • New oil tanning process – Cepparrone A. (FGL International)
  • Sponsor speech – Erretre/Fratelli Carlessi
  • Tanning industrial revolution – Simoni L. (Barnini)
  • Biodegradability and compostability of tannery articles and products – Franceschi M. (ARCHA)


  • Development of a tanning technology with tanning agents from ligustrum vulgare – Mondschein A. (FILK Freiberg Institute)
  • Ecological tanning based on modified carbohydrates – Paganin M. (Corichem)
  • Sponsor speech – Revomec
  • The revaluation of solid waste from the GOAST tanning – Signoretto M. (Università di Venezia)
  • From tanneries solid waste to catalysis – Petricci E. (Università di Siena)


  • Invited guest speech – Daniele Gardini (Poltrona Frau)
  • Method of analysis of PFAS in leather and leather products. the new standards, the new regulations – Cannot J. (CTC Groupe)
  • Sustainable acrylic resin for leather retanning – Ballus O. (Cromogenia Units)
  • Sponsor speech – GSC Group
  • Leather and alternative materials: A novel method for biobased carbon quantification by SCAR (saturated-absorption cavity ring-down spectroscopy) technique. – Defeo G. (Ars Tinctoria)
  • Auxetics (or negative necking) in frame-tensioned leathers – Galiotto G. (Fratelli Carlessi at Erretre)

September 20


  • Unorthodox fast analysis of bisphenol s and f in phenolic syntans – Iannarelli L. (ICAI)
  • GSC Group perspective towards implementation of biobased chemicals for a greener leather technology – Pasquale R. (GSC Group)
  • New supramolecular eco-friendly syntans for a more sustainable and ethic tanning process – Quaratesi I. (Università di Salerno)
  • Sponsor speech – Stahl
  • Bio-circular tanning system for the production of 100% recyclable leather sneakers – Poles E. (Silvateam)
  • Biodegradable leather: sodium alginate derivatives as re-tanning agents – Badea E. (University of Craiova)


  • Invited guest speech – Speaker from a leather goods and shoes manufacturer will be revealed soon
  • Tanning biotechnologies for novel sustainable and circular materials – Florio C. (SSIP)
  • VDA 277: Sample handling – Influence of environment conditions of storage from the early stages after finishing process to the sampling for VOC determination. – Frighetto L. (Conceria Pasubio)
  • New method to analyse certain bisphenol in leathers – Lio K. (CTC Groupe)
  • Retanning chemicals made out of tannery by-products – Rabe V. (TFL Ledertechnik)
  • Closed-cycle thermal treatment of tanning sludge to enhance energy value – Vangelista A. (Officine di Cartigliano)


  • IULTCS Commission reports and EuroCongress closing