José Fernando Bello, Executive President of CICB, sees the promotion of the IULTCS Congress as a great opportunity for the entire Brazilian leather and footwear production chain. “To promote an event such as the IULTCS Congress, and for it to live up to its expectations, is to strengthen even more our industry’s reputation before the world”, he states.

Igor Brandão, Apex-Brasil’s Sectoral Projects Coordinator, shares the same expectation. “Apex-Brasil supports the XXXIII IULTCS Congress through the Brazilian Leatherproject because it recognises the event’s potential to generate a positive impact in terms of consolidating the Brazilian leather image in international markets; as the meeting looks forward to receiving participation of industry representatives, sectorial entities, and academic experts from more than 25 countries”, says Brandão.

Organised by ABQTIC (the Brazilian Association of Leather Industry Technicians and Chemists), the 33rd edition of the IULTCS Congress takes place at Feevale University in Novo Hamburgo- RS , November 24-27.

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