JBS could present in September the results of an independent probe that has allegedly collected about 220 terabytes of data from mobile phones and computer, as well as testimony from more than 600 people, according to Emir Calluf Filho, Legal and Compliance Director at parent holding J&F Investimentos.

The meatpacker’s corruption scandal broke out in the first half of 2017, resulting in the arrest of Joesley Batista, owner of JBS, and other executives. J&F had agreed to pay R$10.3 billion (US$2.66 billion) as part of a leniency deal to protect JBS and other businesses from charges. It also committed to work with third-party forensic firms to scrutinise past transactions while implementing a compliance programme to avoid new illicit acts.

According to Calluf, over 200 people and companies, including cattle suppliers, have been blocked from doing business with JBS, and “several” others are facing due diligence procedures as a result of stricter controls and background checking. Over 130,000 workers are said to have been trained on compliance, and internal accusations increased to about 200 a month after independent reporting channels were made available.

Source: Bloomberg