Titled; ‘Kind Leather – a new approach to leather processing’, Bellese’s presentation will outline the company’s eponymous sustainable leather production method, a result of a two-year research and development process driven by current and future consumer requirements and which is set to ‘revolutionise the industry’ and the way leather is made. The ‘Kind Leather’ concept is based on only using those parts of the hides that are best suited to leather, while selling the remaining parts to other industries for further processing. Following the launch of Kind Leather in January 2019, JBS Couros’ has already seen significant gains in efficiency, with a marked decrease in trimming and waste, less usage of chemicals, water and electricity reduction. Kind Leather is also said to provide additional sustainability through its end-to-end traceability programme, which gathers data throughout the leather production chain, from farm to end product. He will also talk about animal welfare, traceability in its supply chains and the monitoring of cattle populations to avoid illegal deforestation.

About the author

Fernando Bellese is Marketing and Sustainability Manager at JBS Couros and studied at King´s College London between 2007 and 2009 (Ma Tourism, Environment and Development). Engaged actively in different national and international initiatives such as the Leather Working Group, Leather Naturally, the Brazilian Roundtable of Sustainable Livestock and the Brazilian Special Commission for the Research of Sustainable Leather Production Processes, Bellese has participated in important discussions about innovation, supply-chain, traceability, carbon footprint, environment, transparency and animal welfare involving the worldwide leather industry.

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