The prize is awarded to projects with outstanding creativity in research and innovation in the chemical sector with a focus on sustainability. 

Recycling of wet-blue shavings at the site in Campo Grande is carried out through an hydrolysis process that separates the protein from the chrome. The protein, in powder or liquid form, is currently sold as a raw material to chemical companies and used in the formulation of new products for the leather industry. New research is being conducted on different industrial applications for the protein, such as fertilizers or a constituent product for the cosmetics industry.

The extracted chrome can be reused in the tanning and retanning processes or sold to other industries.

“Technological Innovation gives us the opportunity to transform a material that was before considered a residue and sent to landfill to be used as an input for the manufacturing of many other products, generating revenue and minimising our environmental impact”, says Luciano Silveira – Campo Grande Industrial Manager – during the prize giving ceremony.