Owned by JBS SA, Friboi started a new operation in the Mato Grosso state on January 9. The Company said it has invested over R$70 million (US$17 million) in the acquisition and construction of the processing plant located at Brasnorte city, which has an initial capacity to process 500 animals daily. According to Friboi, the initial aim is to meet domestic market demand.

In 2019, the Company said it invested in equipment upgrading and implemented projects to allow a better production flow in its facilities. Other upcoming investments by Friboi include operating a continuous freezing tunnel at its factory located in Barra do Garças (Mato Grosso), which is expected to speed up operations, and the increased capacity at its Mozarlândia plant, Brazilian state of Goias. Two new hamburger lines at the Campo Grande (Mato Grosso) plant are also planned in the first quarter to double production capacity. The Company is also to begin a second work shift at its Senador Canedo (Goias) facility to meet rising global demand for animal protein. These investments total more than R$154 million (US$37.58 million).