The new 1300 sqft shop, the first of its kind, opened its doors at Sanlitun district in Beijing and offers cleaning, repairing, maintenance, recycling and trading services for high-end products such as leather goods, jewellery, clothes, watches and clocks. aims to cash in on the as yet under-developed business model of after-sales services, with most luxury brands lacking specific service centres and skilled technicians that can offer repair and maintenance of their customers’ high-end handbags and shoes. has been expanding into the luxury sector since 2017 when it first invested almost US$400 million to become one of the largest stakeholders in luxury e-commerce platform Farfetch, which hosts more than 1000 luxury boutiques and brands on its site and serves 190 countries. This was followed by the launch of JD’s own luxury e-commerce portal Toplife last year, which offers high-end domestic and foreign luxury brands with digital storefronts to directly reach out to Chinese customers, with a portfolio of more than 100 brands.