Keen will reveal the details of the program in 2022, but currently states the goal is to relieve pressure on landfills around the world and minimise the use of virgin materials such as polyester.

“We first launched Harvest products 15 years ago using industrial waste from the rice industry,” said Erik Burbank, Vice President of The Keen Effect.

“Harvest is about upcycling industrial waste that would otherwise go to landfill, instead creating something new and useful, while lowering the demand for new material in the production process. We’re certifying Harvest products to both provide transparency to fans and to demystify, and encourage other brands to help attack the industrial waste problem.”

The Keen Harvest Certification Program features three levels of certification: Gold (greater than 50% upcycled materials), Silver (greater than 25%), and Bronze (greater than 10%). The first shoe with this certification, the Howser Harvest, launches in November and is Gold certified using upcycled car seat leather in 80% of the upper.

Source: Fashion United