The new officers occupy the six-floor Palazzo Pertusati, located in the central Via Senato, with a view of the quadrilatero della moda on one side and the Giardini di Porta Venezia (Indro Montanelli Gardens) on the other.

Reportedly, the interiors of the offices have been designed for flexible use, optimal natural light and comfort with five floors for workspaces, a canteen/cafeteria and a conference room with a panoramic view on the top floor.

Jean-François Palus, Kering Group Managing Director, said: “We are delighted to move our Italy head office to this magnificent location at the centre of Milan’s business and luxury district, and thus symbolically confirm the role of Kering as a key pillar of the Italian luxury and business landscape.

“After the installation of the 162,000 sq m global logistic hub in Trecate (Novara) in 2021, and ongoing significant investment by the Group’s Houses in Italy, these new offices represent a milestone for Kering’s presence in the country, and I am sure that they will contribute to further reinforce the sense of belonging of the Group’s more than 13,000 employees in Italy.”