Designed to foster excellence in product design and development, engineering and management, the curriculum will also be optimised to meet European footwear companies’ innovation needs and make the most of the existing research results by reinforcing the “knowledge triangle”, consisting of business, research, and education.  With the right set of skills and training, employees will be able to transfer technological knowledge and research results to leather and footwear products.

The project consortium, led by the Gheorghe Asachi Technical University of Iași, includes education and research organisations, enterprises, and other footwear and education stakeholders based in six different European countries, namely Romania, Belgium, Greece, Portugal, Spain, and Croatia.

The CEC leads the first project output, which consists of a study on labour market needs for highly qualified professionals in footwear manufacturing. In addition, the study aims to identify the mix of transversal and professional skills that can improve the transfer of research and innovation results into product, processes, and services in order to increase the added value of the final product. The results of this study will provide the first elements to design the curriculum that will link research and innovation to business through High Education learning.

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