Participation at the event has grown from 54 delegates in last year to 85, with around 50 people representing a number of leading brands and retailers. “The idea is to inform interested companies about leather and its key characteristics as well as allow them a better understanding about the good work that is being done in the industry”, Dr Dietrich Tegtmeyer, VP Global Development Crusting and Leather Industry Relations, Lanxess, and event co-ordinator, explained to ILM.

The first half-day featured five presentations with an overview of the tanning industry as well as key topics relating to preservation and chrome tanning. The final presentation was delivered by Georg Dieners, Secretary General of Switzerland based NGO, OEKO-TEX which has just launched its new Leather Standard and auditing system.

The seminar concept aims to inform the buyers of leather products about the ongoing good work taking place in the global industry and its efforts to improve its image and environmental performance.