These four leather fashion trends have been prepared as a valuable guide for designers and leather manufacturers which will help them to implement any new trend early. Tanneries also receive relevant formulations and practical advice on processing from Lanxess.

Mondo Pop

Fashion is a game, living the changes of values established by society, living the outside world in continuous movement. Modern man is open to all forms of communication, with everything becoming more and more international and styles based on a contemporary fashion that is increasingly influenced by social media, celebrity, and street style. Everything is continually reworked, assembled in a single moment from one garment to the next all over the world. The trend colours remind of berry milkshakes, from prism pink and violet quartz in combination with lavender and golden brown.

Memoria Artistica

What remains of the past are traces of the individual and collective historic memory. Reinterpretation of heritage, the world in constant change in which memory and the values connected to it form the basis of a shared social construction of feeling and living together, of which vintage is an integral part, a contemporary mark and instrument of dialogue through which young people draw upon the past in a dynamic and creative way. The colours are borrowed from nature: fossil, graystone and silver metallic.

Tecnologia Naturale

While the future of sportswear as a template for life continues its sharp ascent, the priority is to achieve innovation in materials, ensuring both production and presentation based on ethics, awareness and respect for the environment. Customisation and personality are features of this way of living. In this trend, grey shades predominate while matching with snow white and a luscious ‘monk robe brown’.

Moda Radicale

We are captivated by the balance between past and future, between tradition and modernity. Artisanship is now couture, new forms with classic materials giving relevance to a modern world. Metamodernism describes a contemporary vision which draws together the old and the new. The interweaving of multiracial coutures creates new codes and new lifestyles which pervade fashion. Look at genders which, in how they transgress cultural codes based on particular clothing, show the uniqueness of the individual and create new ways of interpreting fashion. This trend fools about with earthy shades combined with maritime blue and creamy white.

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