In a specially outlined collection, Lanxess reveals the novelties for the season in terms of look, feel and overall impression by various leather designs. Hence, the chemical supplier’s Leather Business Unit seeks to create a real competitive advantage; the valuable guidance for designers and leather manufacturers helps to implement any new trend early. Also, tanneries receive relevant formulations and practical advice on processing.

The four key trends that have been announced for Autumn/Winter 2018-19 season are as follows:

L’Inizio: It is the beginning of a new season, we let time flow freely and we embrace the already cold scent of the winter. Autumn comes along with long light golden tones, in addition to different shades. The leaves of trees are blown through the air and dress us in amazing colours.

Tempo per Scollegare: Giving way to this season of the year that brings darkness, shades of blue and purple that connect along with the organic colour of orange. 

Nel Corso del Tempo: The emergence of moving surfaces from the world of technics and industry, composed of geometric shapes inspired by the faint light of winter. Monochromatic colours are blended, flowing and intertwining with clear and calm colours. 

Il Corso: Colours near the brown of the earth, red of the winter fruits and those that brought us the evolution of billions of years. They do not seem to be altered and they paint archaeological forms sorted randomly over time.

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