Conference sponsor Lanxess will open the second session of the event with its presentation, showcasing a new business concept which features a circular economy to improve the efficiency of tannery operations. Tannery 4.0 is the Lanxess programme that combines the elements of Sustainable Leather Management System (SLM) and leading technology innovations such as the practical example of X-Biomer insitu.

X-Biomer insitu produces liquid X-Biomer retanning products from tanneries’ collagen-based by-products in a modern modular production unit, hence, improving the manufacturing process of the retanning agent as well as the overall efficiency of leather manufacturing and tanning operations by reducing by-products and maximising the value proposition of collagen materials.

The half-day sustainability conference will start a 12pm on March 15 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre. Please click here to view the full programme.

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